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Andy Vázquez Explodes After Criticism And Threats To His Family In Cuba

| 06/29/2020 – 8:43 pm (GMT-4)

Cuban actor and humorist Andy Vázquez exploded after threats to his family in Cuba by a user identified on social networks as Jesús García, from Santiago de Cuba, who called him a traitor and warned him that his wife and baby “are being looked after by the revolution.”

“My daughter and my wife are in Cuba, yes, I got the message well,” said Andy, quite upset. “I know that they are not going to do anything to my wife and my daughter, I know that no, yours is to try to intimidate me and that I get like this.”

“The revolution cares for your daughters, who are the ones who can go to the Meliá Santiago hotel with their friends to eat, when they don’t even leave someone on the street to stop at the door. Worm are you eating McDonald’s and posing with a piece of meat, you are making fun of the Cuban people, not me, “said Andy, who shared photos taken from Garcia’s profile, which show such actions.

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“Do not mess with the family of people, be a man and throw me alone,” said the humorist, visibly upset.

As a result of García’s message, Andy took the opportunity not only to reply to him, but to all those who since his arrival in the United States have been sending him messages with insults such as “dog, worm and traitor” and assuring that it would not last “two months in TV here and they expected to see me cleaning floors in Miami. “

“Who did I betray? Those who left me without a job, without food and without support for my family? I did not betray anyone. I came to where the doors were opened and they gave me work,” he said.

“If I am kicked off Univista TV today, I am going to clean floors with tremendous dignity, because in Cuba I sold meat, bread with pork, I cleaned boots and took care of toilets at the Coppelita de 25 y Malecón. nobody’s boots. Leave me alone, let me live, “said the interpreter from Facundo Correcto.

The artist explained that he had learned that his ‘explode’ on television had been by a general, involved in the restoration of the Cuatro Caminos Market, who was annoyed by his joke, because “the previous Facundo Chivaterías were stronger, Cuatro Caminos was the weakest and all I did was repeat with satire what the newscast said. “

“To the one who threw me out of the television I thank him, I thank him infinitely. I came to this country where nobody says to me ‘let me see the script before you act, what are you going to say, be careful with this or that’ (.. .) where I earn in an hour what I earned there in a month. So I thank the general who said ‘I don’t want to see him again at the ICRT’, “he concluded.

Andy Vázquez arrived in Miami in December, after being left out of the popular Vivir del Cuento program. The decision outraged the majority of the Cuban people, who spent weeks asking for the actor to rejoin the television show, even thousands of signatures were collected in an online petition. In addition, he had the support of humorists, artists and even official journalists, who requested a convincing explanation of why they had removed the actor.

The character of Facundo Correcto was replaced by that of Felipe Recio, who is brought to life by the actor Miguel Moreno, known for his character La Llave in Let Me Tell You.


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