Angelica Rivera Reappeared On Television After Her Most Controversial Year

The actress had a special participation in the program ‘Look Who Dances All Stars’, which she went to support her daughter, Sofia Castro, one of the finalists.

After a year in which he was in the public spot due to his divorce with the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto , and his sounded homemade accident, Angelica Rivera He reappeared on television.


As it had already been announced a few days ago, the protagonist of Distilling love went to one of the rehearsals of the program See Who Dances All Stars, in which his daughter, Sofia Castro , is one of the finalists.

A few weeks ago, her own Sofia He revealed his mother’s visit to the forum by posting a photograph on Instagram with her and with her father, the producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

“I tell you that on Saturday at the general rehearsal they accompanied me, my greatest engine, my strength and to whom I practically owe everything I am. Thank you mom and dad for being my unconditional, for being the best parents in the world and for never letting go of my sisters and me! Thank you, I always LOVE YOU INFINITY, ”wrote the young actress.

Shortly after, a clip circulated on Instagram where you could see a fragment of the emotional appearance of Rivera in the trial. Sofia He cried with the words his mother said to him, who had a broken voice.

“Thank you for that strength that you have had to be my pillar in many things that I needed from you. We have lived very beautiful moments, moments not as much as any family lives,” he says Angelica Rivera In the first moment. You have endured many things, but never give up. Feel very proud to bring the Castro and the Rivera, “she advised Angelica to Sofia.

Finally on Sunday, in the semifinal of the program, the video of the participation of Rivera, which meant his reappearance on the small screen after several months in which he preferred to keep a lower profile.

“I come from mom and today I want people to know that I come from mom, that I come to support my daughter, that I come to give her advice, that I come to give her a lot of strength and above all to thank you Sofi, I want to thank you publicly that you have been a pillar Very strong when I need you most, there you have been. We have lived very beautiful moments, moments not so much, as any family lives, ”said the actress. “Never give up and, yes, I’m proud to be Sofía Castro’s mother.”

Angelica Rivera he married in 2010 with the politician Enrique Peña Nieto, who in December 2012 became president of Mexico. The couple inhabited the official residence of Los Pinos in the company of their respective children. Sofia He revealed in January of this year that this time was not easy for her.

“I had a very bad time because of the criticism. I was studying, I was in third grade, what can a girl do at 14? I did not choose to be part of the presidential family at all, eye, I am not saying ‘Oh, why?’, For nothing, ”he said in an interview that was broadcast on Look who dances All Stars.