Angelique Boyer Surprises With Radical Change Of Look

The French-born actress turned to her social networks to share the process she underwent to radically change her image.

Angelique Boyer He surprised his followers by undergoing a radical change of look, since he put aside his traditional blonde hair. Through her Instagram account, the actress of French origin shared some images in which you can appreciate the process that followed to acquire her new appearance.


“Come on team,” he wrote Angelique in one of the images he published on his Instagram Stories. Shortly after he shared the final result through two photographs, in which he is seen wearing dark hair and Asian appearance.

“What do you think of my change of look?”, Was part of the text with which Sebastian Rulli’s girlfriend accompanied his snapshots.

Then, Angelique He thanked the people who were behind his makeover, as they dedicated some hours of his time.

“They worked for hours depositing their talent and creativity in me,” wrote the soap opera star as Teresa and Love to death.

The interpreter announced that the change that was made was on the occasion of a new character, but did not provide further details.

Several of his fans thought he would be part of the remake of Oyuki’s sin, but the actress replied that it was not that melodrama.

Among the comments could not miss your partner’s Sebastian Rulli, who told him that he and his Dragon character liked the new Angelique.

“Ufff with what he likes the eyes torn to the Dragon,” wrote the Argentine in allusion to his character Miguel Garza Martínez.

There were also some celebrities who spoke about their new image, such as Zoraida Gomez, who currently has a cut similar to that of Angelique.