Angelique Boyer, The Inexhaustible Protagonist That Televisa Seems To Trust Fully

In past decades, it seemed that soap operas reigned in the taste of the public and there were many protagonists who enjoyed success and popularity, but with the changes in the industry, perhaps there are already few stars left on Televisa, and definitely Angelique Boyer is one of them .Angelique Boyer. Photo: MezcalEntMásIn an era where some actors leave or are fired from Televisa, the actress remains faithful to the company in which she has reaped several successes during the last decade, which has allowed her to work constantly, enjoy the support of the audience and the television’s confidence to be one of the main female faces of its soap opera of primetime. It would not be surprising then that, after a year of not seeing it on screen, it is already spoken that she will return with ‘Empire of lies’, a bet that seems novel after the alleged setback of the concept ‘Factory of dreams’ in which Televisa resumed some classics to make new short versions, and that did not convince the public at all. It is not yet confirmed as the protagonist, but Boyer already told a little about the project of which it would be part: “It is very good. It is a very long Turkish story and here we are going to do nothing more than 80 chapters. It’s super moved, [tiene] a lot of action and also a great love story. The truth is that I love it, it is very well done, “the actress told Televisa Shows.” Definitely working with Giselle González (producer) is to retake a team that I have known for many years, her hand is unique, she really has a very style Personal and I love it. Also the desire to return to work, to return to a project that is done in here, “he said in the halls of Televisa. Perhaps accustomed to interpret characters that are usually vain and exalt the feminine, this project would represent a novelty for Boyer because ‘ Empire of lies’, he said, “is a story that has everything I asked for: police, that has a lot of action and is not this typical protagonist. It really is a woman who has many guts, who does not need anyone to get ahead and that is what we are going to discover. ”A year ago, the actress shined with the TV series ‘Amar a muerte’, which she intended to conquer the public of soap operas, but also to young people with a different and perhaps more realistic format, a fact that represented a challenge for the actress, accustomed to the language of melodramas. And it is that the star born in France but based in Mexico since the two years of Age grew up before the cameras of Televisa, where he studied at his Center for Artistic Education (CEA). When she was a child, she was part of the pop group Rabanitos Verdes, but her face soon reached the soap operas. His first appearances included ‘Muchachitas como tú’ and ‘Rebelde’, where Anahí, Dulce María and Maite Perroni were the protagonists.But years later his turn came and in 2010 he managed to become ‘Teresa’, one of his most remembered characters and that would have catapulted her to fame. Since then she has not stopped being the protagonist of the melodramas and the public has received her well. ‘Abyss of passion’, ‘What life stole from me’ and ‘Three times Ana’ made it one of the favorites of the public during the recent decade, although in this latest soap opera, remake of ‘Love ties’, does not He went so well in criticism. His personal life also gave what to talk about, because after finishing his affair with producer José Alberto Castro, he began a relationship with one of Televisa’s beauties, Sebastián Rulli. Unlike fiction, their courtship continues and last September they celebrated five years of relationship, with no plans to marry. There are several young protagonists in the Televisa signal, but everything seems to indicate that Angelique Boyer is on a good path to become one of the essential faces of the soap operas, as at the time were Verónica Castro, Lucía Méndez or Adela Noriega. Perhaps the next project with which a new decade will begin is the beginning of a second part of her career towards consecration as a soap opera actress.