Angry: Donald Trump’s Outbursts And Insults Joe Biden And Other Democrats

US President Donald Trump attends the “Keep America Great” rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS.- With extraordinary aggressiveness, Donald Trump
yesterday multiplied personal attacks against his Democratic rivals during a
campaign rally in Minnesota, when the president seeks to regain control over the growing Threat of a political trial.

Before a tide of red caps, the republican president gave a free wheel to his frustration and anger.


Joe Biden was just a good vice president simply because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass – Trump shouted during the rally.

In an open war with the Democrats over the threat of a dismissal process, of which Biden was in favor for the first time on Wednesday, and in conflict with his Republican co-religionists over his position in Syria, the American leader is going through the two most difficult weeks of his presidency.

In his first contact with his electoral base since the launch, 15 days ago, of an investigation that could make him the third US president in history to undergo a political trial or better known as an impeachment. Trump predicted that “witch hunt” would eventually fail and provoke it, in the presidential elections of 2020,
“a backlash in the vote never seen before”.

Trump chose for his return the city of Minneapolis, in a traditionally democratic state, but where he almost dethroned Hillary Clinton in 2016. And from there he lashed out at the main opposition figures.

Nancy Pelosi, the president of the House of Representatives, who launched the investigation against him

“It’s very stupid”
 or “lost her mind”
or “she is dishonest,” the president said.

The president of the United States then attacked the Democratic congresswoman,
Ilhan Omar, who represents that district in the House of Representatives and is part of “The Squad”, a group of four Democratic deputies, which was had been the object of Trump’s insults in July this year when he said “they should return to their disastrous countries of origin” (Omar was born in Somalia), unleashing a sharp controversy in the country.

“She is a socialist who hates the United States!” She launched before a frantic crowd. “It’s a shame for our country! It’s one of the reasons we will win in Minnesota,” he said.

In an electrifying atmosphere, Trump vehemently lashed out at the congressmen who are conducting the investigation.
“partisan and unconstitutional”, according to the terms of the White House lawyer, towards an eventual dismissal.

“We face some crazy, sick people.” “The Democrats are on a crusade to destroy our democracy. We will not let it happen,” he said.

Trump chose the confrontation, refusing to cooperate with Congress and opening a period of great uncertainty that should put US institutions to the test.

Democrats seek to determine the extent to which the US president pressured his Ukrainian peer Volodimir Zelenski during
a phone call to look for compromising information from Joe Biden.

“He said ‘there was no blackmail,’ he used that word,” Trump said, evoking some recent Zelenski statements.

On the day the president lashed out against a recent Fox News poll that showed that 51% of Americans are inclined to oust the Republican president, a nine-point jump compared to July.

“Since the day I announced my candidacy for the White House, I have NEVER had a good Fox News survey,” he said yesterday morning.

“Whoever is your pollster stinks,” he added, before regretting that the popular conservative channel is very different from what it was in “the old days.”

The conflict in Syria

Another source of frustration and annoyance for the president is Syria. His decision, announced Sunday night, of
withdrawing US troops from key areas of northeastern Syria and leaving the door open for Turkish intervention, caused astonishment and criticism on his own team.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who generally supports Trump, accused him of “shamefully” abandoning the Kurds, and presented a proposal to severely punish Ankara if the Turkish army does not withdraw from Syria.



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