Animal Abuse: Donald Trump Turned It Into a "federal Crime"

Animal lovers celebrate in the US that President Donald Trump signed a bill on animal cruelty on Monday making it a federal crime, local media reported as ABC News.

The bipartisan bill, Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, penalizes certain acts of cruelty against animals. It was approved in the Senate by unanimous decision on the 5th of this month, after being approved in the House at the end of October.

"Passing this legislation is a great victory in the effort to stop cruelty to animals and make our communities safer," Republican Senator Pat Toomey said earlier this month. "Upset individuals who harm animals often go on to commit acts of violence against people. It is appropriate for the federal government to have strong laws on animal cruelty and punishment," he said.


US President Donald Trump signed a law against animal abuse. (Reuters)

The bill, presented in the House by Rep. Ted Deutch, a Democrat from Florida, and Rep. Vern Buchanan, a Republican from Florida, is an expansion of a 2010 law, which made it illegal to create and distribute "crush" videos. of animals, "a horrendous fetish practice. Other acts that were not included in the 2010 project are now part of the PACT Act. It will make it a federal crime for anyone to "intentionally get involved in crushing (crushing) animals."

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After the approval of the Senate, the bill was sent to the president's table for signature. "I am deeply grateful for all the defenders who helped us pass this bill, and I look forward to the rapid approval of the Senate and the signature of the president," said Deutch when the House of Representatives first approved the bill in October. .

Dogs locked up before a race. (FILE / AFP)

The historic law was also praised by the president and executive director of the Humane Society of the United States, Kitty Block, and the director of the Legislative Fund of the Humane Society, Sara Amundson. "PACT makes a statement about American values. Animals deserve protection at the highest level," Block said in a statement.

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"For decades, a national law against crime was a dream for animal protectors. Today, it is a reality," they concluded.

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