Announce Marches Against Trump Throughout The United States

Issues such as women's rights, greater arms control and climate change have massively attracted protesters to the streets during the first period of President Donald Trump, but until now a prominent cause was missing: a political trial.

While some liberal groups have been advocating Trump's political trial for more than two years, there have been few large-scale public protests demanding it. Activists want to change such a situation now.

A coalition of liberal groups announced Friday that it will sponsor a series of marches across the United States in favor of political trial, including one in Washington, D.C.


"People act when they think they can make a difference, and for a long time a large part of the silent majority in favor of the political trial thought it would not happen," said David Sievers, a campaign director for MoveOn, a liberal group that participates in the organization of the marches. "We want to show that this is not just something marginal, that it is not just the Democrats in Washington."

While it is still unknown when the protests would take place, Sievers stressed that they could happen the night before the House of Representatives takes a formal vote for the political trial. Currently, the Chamber is in the early stages of the political trial investigation, taking statements behind closed doors and no public hearings or a vote have been scheduled.

These public mobilizations begin to take shape years after small-scale pressure measures by groups such as MoveOn, which was ironically created to combat the political trial of now former President Bill Clinton in 1998.

The organization and others have urged those on their lists to contact the Democrats in the House of Representatives, to congregate at city halls and name the last August recess as "August of political trial" in order to pressure the representatives of their districts.

The "Need to Impeach" group – created by liberal billionaire Tom Steyer in October 2017, before becoming a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency – raised panoramic posters in Democratic districts and held more than 50 meetings in city councils focused on The issue of political judgment.



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