Annoyed, Donald Trump's Envoy Left Before Alberto Fernández's Oath For The Presence Of An Official Of Nicolás Maduro

Donald Trump's special envoy to the assumption of Alberto Fernández, Mauricio Claver-Carone, left before Argentina's guidelines. He even decided not to attend the transfer of command ceremony in Congress on Tuesday and suspended interviews he planned for Wednesday with the new Argentine president and his foreign minister Felipe Solá, among other figures.

It was after his strong and manifest disgust for the presence as a guest at Fernández's assumption of the Minister of Communication of the regime of Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez, who appears with a ban on entry to Argentina and other countries. Also for the visit of Ecuadorian Rafael Correa, with requests for pretrial detention in his country, and for the plans of Fernández's new government to assimilate Bolivian Evo Morales in Argentina, who is now in Cuba, awaiting a possible return to South America.

"Unfortunately, due to some invitations and some surprises we received upon arrival, I decided not to leave and I am leaving early. We are not going to have the various work meetings that we have scheduled for tomorrow," he told Clarin Claver-Carone, Trump's chief advisor for the Western Hemisphere, and therefore for this region.


Claver-Carone himself confirmed in an interview with Clarín that he conveyed his disgust and his and Trump's message to the new Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Béliz.

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"We want to help Argentina focus on its domestic problems, its economic problems, so that it triumphs. A democratic, stable, and prosperous Argentina is of interest to all of us in the Western Hemisphere," the Trump official said.

And then he stressed that the Fernández government did not inform Washington about the presence of Maduro regime officials who remain under the international sanctions scheme, and that they are more than sensitive issues in the alliance between the United States and Argentina.

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"The message I spoke at the time with President Fernández being elected president in Mexico (both met when Alberto Fernández traveled to meet Andrés López Obrador) is that we have the best intention of having a productive relationship to help Argentina progress and for him to succeed. However, these distractions do not bring any benefit to Argentina, "he said in one of the sections of the interview where he pointed out that Alberto Fernández may be" poorly advised ", and that this" it's not done among friends. "

"Jorge Rodríguez and Maduro do not bring any benefits to Argentina, Evo Morales does not bring any benefits to Argentina. Rafael Correa does not bring any benefits to Argentina. They are backwards issues. They take Argentina's benefit, and blur what should be the priority of Argentina, which is the well-being of the country, and how they can work bilaterally with us and with other allies, "he closed.




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