Another Batman Villain Will Have His Own Movie

'Joker', has become one of the greatest successes of DC, since in addition to having managed to break several box office records, he managed to win the Golden Lion, at the Venice Film Festival, something he had never managed to do a film based on comics, so it is now rumored that The Penguin, Batman's villain, will have his own movie.

The Penguin, is one of the main enemies of Batman in the world of comics, but this has been rarely represented in the cinema, so his last appearance was in the film, 'Batman Returns', in the year of 1992 , under the direction of Tim Burton and personified by actor Danny DeVito, after that occasion he has no longer been taken to the big screen.

The character has also been retaken by the series 'Gotham', in which he managed to become one of the leading characters in the series, reaching a great popularity among fans, in fact, this would be one of the main reasons why Warner wants to make a solo film about this villain.


Source: Bosslogic

According to We Got This Covered sources, Warner Bros is planning to produce a solo tape for Penguin, due to the success of ‘Joker’, so he seeks to repeat the formula.

Although details of the plot are unknown, it is assured that like ‘Joker’, this film will be separated from the Extended Universe of DC (DCEU).

But before this happens, Penguin will arrive in the new tape that is prepared of the bat man, which is simply titled 'The Batman', so this can be a good point of reference for Warner to see how the public reacts to This character and if this is favorable, there is no doubt that this villain will have his own movie.

'The Batman' is scheduled to premiere on June 25, 2021.