Another Controversy Joins "The Joker": Included Song Composed Of a Child Molester | El Salvador News

A new controversy joins the movie "The Joker", this time in his soundtrack. This is the song "Rock and Roll Part 2", composed in the 70s by Gary Glitter, a renowned English musician.

And it is precisely because of Glitter that the controversy arises, since he is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for crimes ranging from possession of child pornography to sexual abuse, committed decades ago.


The song is heard in one of the most iconic scenes of the movie, when the Joker dances as he descends down some stairs.

Film critics have pointed out that the film portrays the social problems within the United States, such as gunfights and gun handling. Some have even said that the film justifies violence as a reaction to the rejection and isolation suffered by people who make up minorities or who fail to adapt to society. Joker himself represents someone excluded who seeks to claim at all costs.

The classification of the film has been for over 18 years, due to the high content of violence it has.

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