Another Odyssey For Cubans (+ VIDEO)

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The Cuban passport is the most expensive in the world and the least valuable in the world

Posted on Oc tober 19, 2019


Cuban and American passport. (CUBAN PERIODIC / VIVEUSA)

During one of the most recent deliveries of the popular Hello! Ota-Ola was presented a video shared by a user on social networks where he makes a comparison between the Cuban and the American passport, reaching valid conclusions and inviting reflection.

Which of the two documents is the most expensive, obviously the Cuban passport is the most expensive in the world and the one with less value internationally.

It turns out that the Cuban passport can cost up to 10 times what the American is worth, in addition to the latter facilitating access to any country.

In relation to the validity period, the American passport has a duration of 10 years while the Cuban only lasts two years.

“After two years you have to pay another two hundred dollars and at four years another two hundred dollars more. And after two years it doesn't work anymore, you have to get 500 dollars more for a new Cuban passport, ”said the citizen during his recording.

A Cuban must spend $ 1400 over a period of seven years while an American citizen must spend only $ 100 in 10 years.

This comparison is a clear example of the impediments and high costs that a Cuban must overcome in order to travel the world.

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