Anthony Fauci, The ” Fernando Simón ” From The US Who Dares To Contradict Trump: “It Is Dangerous, But It Is My Style”

President Trump gives a press conference every day to discuss the coronavirus. It is reasonable, since many explanations are needed to understand how this epidemic that was “totally under control” recently, it will end up leaving up to 240,000 dead In U.S.A. However, the most interesting thing about those daily appearances is what comes after Trump: the moment when an elderly man, short and with glasses, approaches the microphone that the President has just left and proceeds to deny all his lies and exaggerations. in a calm and explanatory tone. That man is Dr. Anthony Fauci.


To have a person with as little tolerance for criticism as Trump as boss, Dr. Fauci’s survival skills are amazing. When the president just talked about getting a coronavirus vaccine in “a few months,” he points out that minimum “in a year and a half”. If Trump comments on his hope in applying malaria drugs, Fauci says evidence of its effectiveness they are “anecdotal”. And if your boss says he “hopes” the disease won’t pick up after the summer, his senior advisor apostille that “actually, I anticipate that will happen.” Fauci is the irritating voice of science in the face of Trump’s uninformed optimism, whose priority is to sing victory and be able to reopen business to avoid further damage to the economy.

The question is: If Trump has taken advisers out of his way for much less than this, why does he endure Fauci’s annoying honesty? It is true that the doctor, an eminence in the field of immunology, it is difficult to replace. He is almost 80 years old and has spent practically half his life at the head of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, where he has been one of the visible faces in the government fight against AIDS, Zika, Ebola, SARS, MERH and the rest of the great modern sanitary emergencies. But beyond his knowledge, Fauci is the type of communicator that is needed in times of crisis: calm, didactic and used to dealing with the media. He does not stop giving interviews to educate people about the coronavirus and you see it in the same informative smarter that in a night program in the mood or on the Instagram of a nba star. Trump himself has dedicated a compliment who is perhaps the greatest that a president who comes from the world of realities can direct: “He is a great television star.”

Fauci’s omnipresence in the media has upset some in the White House and has even caused the doctor to disappear for a few days from the daily coronavirus press conference, but Trump has returned him to the stage. The president does not want to remove him from his position at the moment, but: what does Fauci think of all this? Why does a scientist of almost 80 years who has a solved life want to continue in the service of a president who lies and who has to correct every moment? The same has explained who believes that Trump listens to him on important issues and that, in some of his exaggerations, the president is simply trying to cheer the country up. Either way, it doesn’t seem like I took her sleep: “I have been saying things to him that he does not want to hear. I have had to say very different things from what he says. It is a dangerous matter, but it is my style. I say it as it is and if he is going to be angry, he will be angry. But it hasn’t yet. “

Doctor Fauci has no hair on his tongue to correct Trump, but he is not suicidal either. For the past four decades he has survived in office with six different presidents and that is only possible with some political sense of smell. “You are not interested in going to war with a president, but you must walk in a difficult balance to ensure that you continue to tell the truth.” I mean, apply a little touch to your main mission: “I’ve never done anything other than expose scientific evidence and recommend science-based and evidence-based policies.”



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