Anthony Fauci trusts that it will be possible to live with COVID-19 in "control"

Anthony Fauci Trusts That It Will Be Possible To Live With COVID-19 In “control”

Washington – The main epidemiologist of the United States government, Anthony Fauci, hopes that the pandemic will go through a “transition” in the coming months that will lead to continuing to coexist with the coronavirus, but keeping it under “control” and without involving a “disturbance ”Social and economic as the one that still causes.

Fauci expressed his confidence in this scenario during the press conference of the White House pandemic response team, emphasizing that “all the data” indicate that the omicron variant is “less severe” than the delta.

But he warned against being “complacent” and maintaining all precautions and insisted that the unvaccinated – almost 40% of the country’s population – continue to have a high risk of serious illness or death.


The omicron variant is hitting hard in the United States as shown by the data exposed by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English), Rochelle Walensky: an average of 240,400 new cases last week, with an increase in hospitalizations of 14% and 7% in the case of deaths.

Walensky nevertheless defended the new CDC recommendations that reduce isolation for asymptomatic infected people to five days.

After remembering that the level of transmissibility is very high in the two days before presenting symptoms and between two and three days after, he assured that “five days after” the last symptoms the risk of contagion “drops substantially”.

In addition, he considered it unnecessary to do more tests from that moment, because according to he warned there are cases in which the PCR tests positive up to 12 weeks after infection, and that does not mean that the infected person is contagious.

Meanwhile, Fauci insisted that despite the fact that omicron is highly transmissible, the reinforcements of the vaccines return to those who put them the necessary level of protection in case of contagion, so that said protection is optimal.

That is why he again asked all those vaccinated to get this booster, although he did not want to speculate on the need for a fourth injection.

To questions from journalists about this possibility, he pointed out that it is necessary to go “step by step” and although that fourth dose may be necessary later, now we must focus on getting the third or on getting vaccinated who has not yet done so.