Anti-corruption Calls For Six Years In Prison For López Madrid And Four For Ignacio González For The Train To Navalcarnero

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requests that the former president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio González be sentenced to four years in prison in the piece of the Lezo case that investigates the award of the train to the town of Navalcarnero, according to the accusation brief to which elDiario has had access .is. For the bite that González got, Anticorrupción accuses him of a crime of passive bribery, but the highest request for conviction is for businessman Javier López Madrid, then CEO of the construction company OHL, whom the Prosecutor’s Office accuses of active bribery and falsehood as a commercial document, for which he claims a six-year prison sentence. He says of both that they maintained “a close friendship relationship.”

The Anti-Corruption brief ensures that OHL was awarded in 2007 with the award for the construction of the train to Navalcarnero thanks to “a plan devised” by the defendants Francisco Javier López Madrid – OHL counselor at the time of the events – and Rafael Arturo Martín of Nicolás Cañas – OHL’s General Director of National Construction – which consisted in winning the contract by presenting the lowest cost offer. That plan included that by means of a 2.5 million euro bite they would secure the concession and also the subsequent modification of the project, with which they would compensate the loss of income for having presented such a low offer. For Martín de Nicolás, Anticorrupción also requests six years in prison for the same crimes attributed to López Madrid.


On the other side of the corrupt plot were the aforementioned González, vice president of the Community of Madrid at that time and president of Canal de Isabel II, and Ildefonso de Miguel, managing director of the public water company. It was a question of both influencing the CEO of the public consortium Mintra, which was to grant the award of the Navalcarnero train. Completing the alleged criminal plot is another OHL charge, Felicísimo Damián Ramos, OHL’s Director of Management Control, and Adrián de la Joya and Ruiz de Velasco, historical partner of Commissioner Villarejo residing in Switzerland.

The prosecutor Ana Cuenca details that Martín de Nicolás ordered Felicísimo Ramos to transfer 2.5 million from an OHL account at Banco Santander to bank accounts in Mexico in the name of the construction company a few days after the project was granted. At that point, Adrián de la Joya and one of his instrumental companies in Panama, Lauryn Group, enter the scene. This would issue two invoices to OHL for services that it never provided. The 2.5 million were deposited into an account in Switzerland of the company of Adrián de la Joya. The Prosecutor’s Office also highlights a “close friendship relationship” between López Madrid and Villarejo’s partner.

Adrián de la Joya moved the money between different accounts of his property while withdrawing the 2.5 million in cash, which ended up in the hands of Ildefonso de Miguel for the distribution of the commissions. “To date – writes Anticorrupción – it has not been possible to know the specific circumstances in which the distribution of these commissions between this defendant (De Miguel) and the defendant Ignacio González was carried out.”

For Rafael Arturo Martín de Nicolás, of OHL, the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting six and a half years in prison for active bribery and falsification of a commercial document, the same request for conviction for his subordinate, Felicísimo Damián Ramos. For his part, the former managing director of Canal Ildefonso de Miguel faces four years in prison for passive bribery, while Adrián de la Joya faces three and a half years for active bribery.

In its indictment, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that a long list of witnesses appear at the hearing, among which the former Minister of Labor Eduardo Zaplana stands out, who appeared in the recordings of the Lezo case together with González, or Juan Miguel Villar Mir, the OHL owner against whom this case was filed in 2018 and who has just been released from the imputation in pieces 8 and 9 of Púnica, the latter about the irregular financing of the Madrid PP.



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