Antioquia Again Sings To Colombia In This Festival

With guitars, bandits and tiples on the shoulder, musicians from Nariño to Norte de Santander will cross the Puente de Occidente, in Santa Fe de Antioquia, to make the appointment to the 44th edition of the Antioquia Festival Sing to Colombia.

After three years in which the event was held in the municipality of La Ceja del Tambo, the meeting returns to the city that hosted it for 20 years.

Its main purpose is to publicize Colombian Andean music. That is why, on the one hand, it celebrates talent through competitions. The competitions are developed in two categories that are previously curated: the contest of interpreters (in which soloists, duets and groups are rewarded) and the one of unpublished work. There will be a third, the tiple, which will be met spontaneously, with those who wish to present that day.


67 applicants applied to enter the first two competitions, but only 21 are competing. In these categories the first and second places will be rewarded. Participants will also receive economic recognition.

What you want to strengthen

Another of the great bets of the festival, born in 1975, is to accommodate not only the competition, but the experience of sharing music. Therefore, in addition to the competitions, there are meetings such as children and youth of Andean music, composers and the department of rural music.

This year more than 130 proposals arrived for these meetings, which will include groups such as Los Citadinos de la Parranda, Palpitar Vallenato, the Orchestra of Concertadas Strings and Andean Melodies of the School of Music of Bello, among others.

In addition to listening to the concerts, you can be part of a conversation between singer-songwriters with the participation of María Olga Piñeros, Fernando Salazar Wagner, Ancízar Castrillón and Mauricio Rangel.

"Never has Andean music had so many artists, instrumentalists or records," says John Jairo Torres de la Pava, executive director of the event for 13 years.

“In 2017 I finished an investigation and found that in 12 years there was a production of more than 1,000 Andean music albums. That has few genres. ”

All concerts are free, the only tickets that cost are the stalls of the Santa Fe de Antioquia Coliseum, at the weekend night events.