Anuel AA's New Look That Karol G Will Surely Hate

Anuel AA He likes to spend his money on extravagances and meaningless whims. Recently, the Puerto Rican urban music singer showed off his new acquisitions that the great majority of his followers did not like. Did he like his girlfriend Karol G?

The 'Real until death' boasted its platform shoes that have increased by a few centimeters more to be 'fashionable' of the genre. Although it should be noted thate Anuel has no waste as far as his look is concerned. It also sports a number of gold chains that hang from its neck.


Anuel AA also wears gold bracelets and rings, glitter pants that are sure to have cost her a fortune, and of course her platform sports shoes that captivated the singer.

This style has also been joined by his partner, the 'bebecita' Karol G, who also likes to show off his neon and horn clothes.

Nicky Jam loves the outfit of Anuel AA where he says: "What a damn flow." However, there are others who have criticized because it is a bit "exaggerated" to dress like this.

"What ugly pants" comments a user. "You really needed so many chains," said another follower.

On the other hand, reggaetoneros have risen in their social networks with the hashtag # SinReguetónnohayLatinGrammy and have denounced that the statements issued were unfair when nominating the awards.

One of the most demanded was Anuel AA since he did not have a nomination for the awards even though his songs are among the top of the list.

Natti Natasha, Karol G, Becky G and Anuel AA have not been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards. The Puerto Rican burst out of anger and shared a video on his Instagram account where he complained that he didn't even Romeo have nominated him as the best in the bachata genre. They also justified their complaint when considering reggaeton as part of the culture and movement.

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