Appears Before A Fourth Judge Detained By Cristina Fernández

Appears Before a Fourth Judge Detained By Cristina Fernández

The fourth and so far last arrested for the frustrated attack against the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, was transferred this Friday before the judge of the case to be interrogated.

As explained by Gastón Marano, lawyer for the detainee, Nicolás Carrizo, 27, his client, whom the investigators attribute as evidence against him suspicious messages on his phone, “is not a murderer.”

“He is not a murderer in any way, it will be clear that he is not only a laborer (worker), but he is a laborer who gave work to other people. perhaps from the least suitable people to trust them,” said the lawyer before entering the Buenos Aires courts where the file is being processed.


The “cups”

Carrizo is known in the media as head of the “band of the copitos”, as the group of cotton candy vendors is called – to which the first two detainees also belonged – who stood in the middle of the demonstrations in support of Fernández at the doors of her home that have occurred since on August 21 a prosecutor requested 12 years in prison for her for alleged corruption.

It is during one of these concentrations that on September 1, as could be seen in various video images, the first of the detainees, the Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, approached the also former president (2007-2015) and he fired twice a few centimeters from his face, without finally firing the shot.

Neither Sabag Montiel nor his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, 23 years old and arrested 3 days later, have agreed to testify in court, although Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti has already prosecuted them for having allegedly tried to kill the vice president with prior planning and agreement Between both.

Carrizo’s lawyer stressed this Friday that his client “had no idea of ​​the criminal intent” of Sabag Montiel and Uliarte, adding that they are joined by “a commercial link.”

“They are a group of people who had what we can call a changa (informal job): going out to sell sugar flakes in crowded places. He (Carrizo) had a machine, he produced them, he sold his labor and his product to the two defendants and they went out to resell it,” he said.

A “lawful business”

Marano also criticized that Carrizo is called “head of the gang of copitos”, since he insisted that he is “producer of the raw material they sold” in a “licit business”.

Likewise, he called to wait to know what the Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of and if there is evidence with “entity” to demonstrate that “some illicit” was committed.

Sabag Montiel, Uliarte and Carrizo are joined by another detainee, Agustina Díaz, 21, a friend of Uliarte and arrested after investigators discovered a series of messages in which her friend allegedly confessed her plan to “have Cristina killed.” .

According to Díaz’s lawyers, the young woman explained in court that “at no time did she believe” that what Uliarte told her “could be carried out”, considering that Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend was “manipulative and conniving”.

Parallel to these arrests, the Federal Intelligence Agency presented the court with material that could link the “Federal Revolution” group – which for a few months has been making escraches against government figures – with the assassination attempt.

The head of Intelligence presented some audios of a transmission on the organization’s Twitter account in which some of its members are heard saying phrases related to killing the vice president; his son, Deputy Máximo Kirchner and President Alberto Fernández.

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