Apple In Hiring Frenzy To Strengthen Its Cloud: Report

Apple bets on the cloud with new engineering hires.
                                                    James Martin / CNET
                                                Apple is shopping, but now it is not looking for companies but specialized engineers in the cloud computing. The Cupertino company is hiring a handful of engineers specializing in Kubernetes and Containers technology, two computer systems related to managing information in the cloud, according to a report by Protocol.

Michael Crosby, one of the new employees, is one of the engineers behind the Kubernetes system itself, the report says. Arun Gupta and Maksym Pavlenko, from the cloud area at Amazon, will recently join or join Apple. Francesc Campony, a former Google employee, will also join Apple, the report says. The signing of these brains, the report says, is part of Apple’s emphasis on data centers, cloud computing and information management. Apple announced in 2018 a $ 10 billion investment in the construction of data centers, in addition to strengthening its capacity in the centers in Iowa.
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Apple is betting on improving its cloud services because its infrastructure is considered to be inferior to that of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Netflix, the report says. Apple offers a wide variety of systems in the cloud or that work in part by them: App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, among others. Apple did not comment on the Protocol report.
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