Aracely Will Not Appear In ” Luis Miguel, The Series 2 & # 039 ;; Reveals That There Will Be Season Three

The actress also denied that the singer gives pension to her children, as Lucia Miranda, widow of Micky’s exmanager, says.

Aracely Arambula He has just given a final folder to the rumor that his love story with Luis Miguel will be seen in the second season of the singer’s bioserie: neither she nor her children, Miguel Y Daniel will appear


“I’m not going out this season, it’s confirmed. They already told me that I am not going to go out this season or my children, ”said the actress to the program Selling.

Aracely Arambula she commented that it was thanks to the work of her lawyers, who acted “on time”, that she and the children of Micky appear or be mentioned in the series.

“My name cannot go out, we will not go out and they were very kind to let me know that we did not go out because I am not interested in going out in the series, so in this second season we did not go out; I hope in the third one either, but in reality the names cannot come out and I am not seeing that, my lawyers are seeing it ”.

We will have to see if the star will be mentioned in fiction, but with another name, as has happened with other characters, as is the case, for example, of Claudia de Icaza, who in the series appeared as Cynthia Houses.

On the other hand, Aracely Arambula was questioned about whether it is true that Luis Miguel fulfills the responsibilities of father with his children, after Lucia Miranda widow of Hugo Lopez, former manager of “The Sun”, will ensure in recent statements that the singer does carry out his obligations not only with them, but even with his brothers, whom he would also help financially.

“No, I didn’t listen to it or interest me. She doesn’t know, nobody knows why nobody is interested, nor are they, nobody is informed of that. I’m very cautious and I don’t talk about it because I’m not interested, I’m with my career. ”

Finally, Aracely Arambula stressed that things between Luis Miguel and she is not well, although several people say otherwise.