Aragonès Urges Sánchez To Bring To The Dialogue Table a "proposal" For Catalunya

The vice president of the Government, Pere Aragonès, has urged the Government of Pedro Sánchez to bring its own political “proposal” for Catalonia to the dialogue table with the Generalitat, which plans to resume its work this month.

Sánchez agreed this week to convene the dialogue table with the Government in mid-September, which was launched in February but interrupted its work when the coronavirus crisis broke out. In statements to Efe, Aragonès has explained that ERC and the Government defend, as proposals to solve the Catalan “political conflict”, the “right to self-determination and amnesty” for the pro-independence leaders on trial and has stressed that “the proposal that the Spanish Government can bring “to the dialogue table on Catalonia, in order to begin to contrast opinions.


In the meeting that took place in February, he explained, the Government representatives asked the negotiating team headed by Sánchez “what proposal do they have for this majority of citizens of Catalonia” who, whether or not they are independentists, “believe that the future of Catalonia should be decided voting at the polls in a referendum “, but then they got no” response. “

At the meeting scheduled for the middle of the month, said the vice president of the Government and national coordinator of ERC, Sánchez “must put his proposal on the table” and commit to “abandon the repressive route.”

According to Aragonès, before ERC can sit down to negotiate with the Government the next General State Budgets “it is necessary to comply” with Sánchez’s investiture agreement, which provided for the development of the work of the dialogue table on Catalonia.

If this agreement is fulfilled, he said, “we are open to talking about anything, but we will always put the interests of the citizens of Catalonia above all else” and there will be no “blank checks”.

Aragonès stressed that “a budget oriented to the right by Citizens is very different than a progressive, social democratic budget that meets the needs of Catalonia, which would be the only budget in which ERC could have something to do with”.

According to Aragonès, “the PSOE and Podemos government must decide whether it wants to find a way out from the right, clearly neoliberal, cuts and not very redistributive, hand in hand with Cs, or is willing to negotiate a response to this crisis from the left, redistributive and defending the economic interests of Catalonia “.

“Only in this last case will ERC be willing to start a negotiation. But it is the PSOE and Podemos who must decide whether they go with the right or with the Catalan republicanism of the left,” he added.



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