Arbitration Decision Causes Frustration In Nfl

Arbitration Decision Causes Frustration In NFL

NFL defensive players are frustrated with violations demanded by referees for alleged rough play against quarterbacks.

And amidst the controversy, the question of which hits are legal and how far umpires can go to protect the quarterback was raised.


Two decisions in Week 5, one involving Tom Brady, have sparked outrage among players, coaches and fans, many of whom are demanding changes. The league will discuss these decisions, but that doesn’t mean changes are imminent.

“They make everything very difficult for defensive players,” Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner said Wednesday. I’ve seen you, but this is not a comic.”

New Orleans defensive end Cam Jordan jokingly suggested a solution.

“I’ll take a blanket…and put it over[the opposite quarterback]and then gently put him on the field, pet him and sing him a lullaby,” Jordan said. “I don’t know.

The controversy began when Grady Jarrett was penalized for beating Brady in Sunday’s game, which Tampa Bay won 21-15. The following day, an even harsher arbitration decision was handed down.

Kansas City’s Chris Jones stole the ball by tackling Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr from behind. Television replays showed the ball fumbled and Jones recovered in fair play.

However, referee Karl Sheffers threw a yellow flag and called the quarterback trolls.

“I think it’s absolutely crazy,” said Jacksonville linebacker Josh Allen. I think it was a stupid decision.I don’t know who I was protecting on that play.Did it fall on him?Fumble.I can’t explain that play.”

Jones suggested these penalties be reviewed on video. That decision rests with the league’s competition committee, which consists of six team owners/executives and his four coaches.

Teams can also propose rule changes, but this requires a vote of 24 owners.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he supports the use of replays to clarify whether these infractions were actually committed.

“I think it’s a smart move because there are just too many inequities about what can and can’t be reviewed and challenged,” Irsay said. “If that decision in Kansas City had been challenged, they would have changed it every time. The sport is very fast and the focus is on safety as it should be, but you can’t go overboard and ruin this very special sport.”

Despite complaints, trolling penalties against quarterbacks are down 45% compared to the same period last season. By week 5 of 2021, 51 of these violations were subject to sanctions. According to league statistics, they have scored just 28 goals this season.

A person with direct knowledge of the matter told The Associated Press that the NFL has no plans to change the rules. Doesn’t seem to be going to react to bad decisions.

In 2019, the league experimented with a pass interference review, but ended up suspending the measure after one season.

Of course, the quarterback isn’t complaining.

Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett said, “Protect me as much as you can.” I don’t intend to.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has witnessed one of these controversial decisions affect his team.

“It’s about protecting yourself and finding the right environment for it, but at the same time you have to be able to play football.” But broadly speaking, I think a great job has been done and improved.”

Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen warned that reviews of these violations could lead to sanctions on others.

“I think there are a lot of variables in this,” Allen said. “There are many other things that have been marked in a very arbitrary way: personal fouls, needless trolling, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. We can also talk about excessive restraint. It seems to me that there is always something, whether the is lost or marked…these referees do their best to follow the rules…sometimes you have to play I think, that’s American football.”

American football is a violent sport. Quarterbacks are the highest paid players and the face of many teams.

NFL rules allow the referee to be inattentive in trying to protect the quarterback. Being sued doesn’t change that.


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