Are You Fans Of Rihanna? Do Not Miss The Video Of The Thousand Faces Of The Celebrity

Are You Fans Of Rihanna? Do Not Miss The Video Of The Thousand Faces Of The Celebrity

Rihanna since 2003 develops an enviable career. At 32, he keeps calling attention to any digital platform where he is evoked.

Since 2017 he consolidated in his role as businesswoman when he launched his own line of cosmetics called “Fenty”. After the resounding success, in 2019 he opened his first fashion house that would bear the same name.Related NewsNo doubt the thousands of fans who the brunette accumulated in all its social networks echo its increasing popularity. Without going any further, Spotify named her as the most listened to female artist and is the third with more than 14 songs placed in the Billboard Ranking.

The “R&B Princess” has an intense and expressive look that drives those who venerate her crazy. His continuous changes of look accompany the innumerable expressions that his beautiful face outlines when he has a flash nearby.


That’s why we don’t want you to miss this video made by the @wizardistopya account with the most daring faces of the international artist. In the song “I enjoy” performed by Carla Morrison, it can be seen showing happiness, awe, pride, among other feelings during the audiovisual work.

It was not in vain then that in 2019 “Vanity Fair” has named the 32-year-old woman as the most influential artist. Many of the young women who follow her have copied her style in recent years: her hair colors, extravagant cuts and her marked and characteristic makeup.

We invite you to enjoy as much as we do the magnificent work done. We believe, by one of his fans that he quickly went viral on Instagram. Will it reach Rihanna’s eyes?