Argentina And Brazil Closed Position Against Trump Obstacles

Waiting for measures

What is clear and that Sica and Troyjo agreed on is that beyond the digital verbiage of the US president, there are no concrete measures officially announced. So that even a diplomatic level cannot raise a formal claim. The Argentine minister left the Brazilian with a copy of the note that he sent to the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, in which Argentina's concern for Trump's expressions is expressed and indicates the idea that the change in the exchange rate that There was this year is linked to the instability conditions of the local market.

The note highlights that although for the United States steel imports from Argentina have a smaller participation in the total, for the local industry the cost would be significant, since in the last two years sales were generated to that market worth US $ 12 billion.


On the other hand, the two officials signed the so-called Roadmap on Trade Facilitating Initiatives in Regulatory Matters, an initiative that aims to promote trade between Argentina and Brazil.

“This commitment is a milestone that marks the path of our bilateral relationship in regulatory matters. The actions promoted within the framework of this Road Map will allow the deepening of our bilateral trade and will be key to the elimination of non-tariff barriers between our countries, ”said Sica.

Also participating in the various meetings were the Secretary of Foreign Trade, Marisa Bircher, and the Secretary of International Economic Relations, Horacio Reyser.

For his part, Faurie held the meeting of the Common Market Council (CMC) with his peers from the Ernesto Araújo region (Brazil), Rodolfo Nin Novoa (Uruguay) and Antonio Rivas Palacios (Paraguay).

The foreign minister said that "you cannot grow with your back to the world, since we need to export more to strengthen our economies." The heads of regional diplomacy agreed that throughout 2020 they will present to the entrepreneurs in the region the proposal made by the technicians to reduce the Common External Tariff (CET). On the impulse of President Jair Bolsonaro, the issue remained on the agenda, but unresolved and then we will have to see how Alberto F. will face it in the framework of what will be the “pragmatic relations” between the two most important partners of the block South American

Meanwhile, Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo changed the critical tone that the Brazilian government had about Mercosur. He said the block "is no longer a brake and has become an accelerator, can create jobs and promote openness to the world." "The rhetoric and inefficient Mercosur is over, once again we have a Mercosur pole of prosperity and democracy in South America," said Araujo.



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