Argentina Baseball Continues To Fight In The World Classic

Argentina Baseball Continues To Fight In The World Classic

Despite failing to add foreign players to the team, including five Venezuelan pitchers, in the opening game of the World Baseball Classic, Argentina have two wins and qualify for next year’s tournament. are vying for

A world powerhouse in soccer, Argentina is highly regarded in other sports such as softball and wants to make headlines in major league sponsored tournaments. Brazil took the lead in that sense, qualifying for her first Clásico in 2012 and just one step away from her second-place finish in Panama. Brazilian catcher Yann Gomez advances to the majors.

A day after being set back by a bulging run against Panama, Rolando Arnedo’s Albiceleste side changed the scoreboard on Sunday night as they beat New Zealand 4-1 and finished 2-1 in a clash with Nicaragua (1-1). 1) proceeded. ) on tuesday.


The winner of that match will play Wednesday against the loser of the first ticket (second and final ticket to the World Classic) duel between Panama (1-0) and Brazil (2-1) on Tuesday. will be settled to .

Arnedo said that until just over a month ago, it never occurred to him that Argentina would reach these examples, partly because of problems in building a competitive team.

Argentina was unable to add some eligible foreigners due to family ties to the South American nation that plays for MLB teams. He also failed to count on five Venezuelan pitchers, Venezuelan residents who Panama had denied entry due to visa issues.

Either way, he was able to bring in two Venezuelans. One of them was Jose he was Mendoza who saved the match against New Zealand.

“It bothered me. We didn’t get help from the Panamanian government,” Arnedo told The Associated Press on Sunday about the ban on Venezuelans.

“Those guys would have given us depth in the bullpen,” he estimated, against Panama on Saturday.

Baseball is not so popular in Argentina, but it has long been played mainly in cities such as Buenos Aires, Salta and Cordoba.

“We have been competing in the Pan-American and South American games for a long time,” said Arnedo, who works for the Arizona Diamondbacks. .. “I want to make noise in Panama so that more children in Argentina play sports.”

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