Ari Borovoy Broke Down After The End Of The 90’s Pop Tour … And The Scandal With OV7

Without a doubt, one of the most recent phenomena in Mexican music was the 90’s Pop Tour. Over three years, a cast headed by OV7, Caló, JNS, The Sacados and Fey, among others, gave the ninety pop a nostalgic twist, in the hands of Ari Borovoy with his management company BoBo Producciones. And when the end was announced, the tears were not lacking, although not precisely from happiness. As is known, the tour came to an end amid differences between OV7 and his partner, but also boss, Ari Borovoy. His last presentation in the Mexican capital took place on November 29 at the Mexico City Arena.The official BoBo Producciones channel shared a video about this closure and a talk with Borovoy, in which he thanks for the success of this project and ends up crying and hugging by his tour partners: Caló, Kabah, JNS … but none of OV7.Ari vs. OV7: for and against In various interviews throughout these three years of tour, the members of the 90’s Pop Tour said they were happy both for the reception of the public and for the work and personal relationship between its members.But the past 25 of November, Bobo Producciones sent a statement announcing that OV7 would no longer be part of the tour, for which four dates were missing. That same day, the members of this group (without Ari) responded that they learned through social networks about what happened and that even the Borovoy company took control of the official OV7 account without any authorization. You may also be interested: Opposite Senses They return … and leave much to be desired. In the end, both parties reached an agreement and the group did appear at the Mexico City Arena. On his last night at CDMX, one of the special guests was Erik Rubín. His wife, the driver Andrea Legarreta, was with his daughters in backstage and shared in the program ‘Hoy’ a video he took from the dressing rooms, in which it was evidenced that the quarrels between OV7 and Ari endure, but in the spirit of overcoming it As can be seen in the recording, in the middle of tears, the OV7 assured that only they will know exactly what happened. But they also showed their love for Borovoy, despite the differences that were made public at the end of the tour and that even booed him towards Ari in the middle of the concert.After the controversy, there are voices that have risen to support Borovoy. Jorge D’Alessio, leader of the Matute band (managed by BoBo Productions), said they have never had a lawsuit with him regarding money or creative opinions. “I just want to express my support for Ari, he’s a gentleman and he’s always in search of excellence,” he said. Angie Taddei, a member of JNS (also from BoBo Productions), was another one who openly expressed her support for Borovoy. “We love you manager! And we will always be with you, ”he wrote on his Instagram account, accompanied by the hashtags #lealtad and # contigosiempre.You may also be interested: Beto Cuevas, when did he end up as a mentor to ‘The Academy’? What follows After the communiqués issued, the group ended up announcing that it would be presented in the following concerts that had been agreed for the end of the year and that they had managed to reach an agreement, and if they did not, everyone would lose out. After announcing that OV7 would cancel its participation in the 90’s Pop Tour, those who had already purchased their tickets contacted the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) to reimburse their tickets. And that was a big waste of money for BoBo Producciones. Although it is still unknown what really happened, the word ‘money’ has been a constant. First, on the subject of Profeco and refunds. But also, Mariana Ochoa’s brother shared

in their social networks: “They did not steal money from my sister, they stole it from my nephews and a single mother who is what keeps them”. published by the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who said that the OV7 found “untrustworthy accounts of Ari Borovoy and his brother Jack in finance.” Whether or not it is a matter of money, OV7 and Ari Borovoy have evidenced a problem that should remain in private And although they have already reached an arrangement, they also announced that by 2020 they will begin a tour commemorating 30 years together. Will it be with BoBo Productions? Will they again have a disagreement? Will there be new round-trip announcements? Will there be more tears? @Braham_MV