Armed Forces Day Protests In Myanmar Leave More Than 90 Dead

Dozens of people have died in more than 40 locations in Myanmar this Saturday, the day of the Armed Forces in the Asian country, due to the repression of the security forces in the protests against the military junta. There are media that speak of up to 91 deaths, the highest daily figure since the Army coup on February 1.

According to the Myanmar Now account, which estimates the fatalities at 91, the deaths occurred during demonstrations held in some 40 cities in regions and states such as Rangoon, Mandalay, Sagaing, Bago, Magwe, Tanintharyi and Kachin. The total number of fatalities since the coup, which this Friday amounted to at least 328, would already exceed 400.


As the Army celebrates Armed Forces Day with a parade in the capital, thousands of Burmese have once again defied the repression of the coup military junta. In a video captured by a security camera and disseminated on social networks, the soldiers shoot unprovoked at a motorcycle in a place where there were no protests and take one of its occupants injured, while two others run away. In another video, a father cries out in dismay that his young son has been killed while carrying him in his arms in a car.

The soldiers and the police have complied with the threat that the state television and radio broadcast the day before, in which they warned that they would shoot the protesters in the back and in the head.

This morning the coup leader of the military junta, Min Aung Hlaing, presided over the parade in the capital, Naipyidó, to commemorate the Day of the Armed Forces, although many protesters speak of the “day against the military dictatorship.” According to the Asia Nikkei media, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand sent representatives to the military parade. However, the vast majority of countries have boycotted the event and even some embassies, including the Spanish one, have replaced the cover photo of their Facebook pages with black as a sign of mourning.



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