Armed Man Arrested At Windsor Castle As Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Christmas

Armed man arrested at Windsor Castle as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates Christmas

The police have arrested an armed man who has tried to enter Windsor Castle, in the United Kingdom, where Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating Christmas with her family.

As reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, the intruder was carrying an offensive weapon, but has failed to break into any of the buildings.


As reported in the newspaper, Commissioner Rebecca Mears has explained that the incident is being investigated. “He has been arrested on suspicion of entering a protected place and possessing a weapon,” he declared, adding that the man is in police custody.

In addition, Mears has affirmed that the security processes have been activated at the moment in which the man entered the premises. Members of the royal family have already been informed of the incident. “We do not believe that there is greater danger,” he added.

The traditional Christmas message from Elizabeth II was this year one of the most personal addresses of her long reign. At her first parties without the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April, she remembered her husband and empathized with families who have lost a loved one.

At the age of 95, the British sovereign recorded several days ago at her residence in Windsor Castle the speech broadcast this afternoon by the main channels in the United Kingdom. Dressed in red, with a photograph of her and the duke on the table, she thanked the “warmth and affection” she has received in recent months.



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