Army Navy Game 2019: Polmica Donald Trump Cap In The Army-Navy Game

Army Navy Game 2019 With the motto 'Keep America Great'

The president of the United States causes controversy

The Army Navy Game held this Saturday at Lincoln Financial was attended by US President Donald Trump, who caused controversy as he left the field with a propaganda cap. With the motto 'Kepp America Great' the president stole the eyes of several of the spectators.


Prior to the start of the game, Trump wishes the players and referees luck. In turn he stayed in the field to sing the American anthem, to later stay in a box to appreciate the duel.

Through social networks, several users described the use of Trump appearing with his cap as disrespectful. Meanwhile, his future in the White House remains in doubt, since recently the Judicial Committee approved the articles of the 'impeachmeant', which means a step to seek his dismissal from office.



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