Arrest Destroys Popular Dani Alves Image

Arrest Destroys Popular Dani Alves Image

BARCELONA (AP) — Dani Alves has spent the first night in pretrial detention for alleged sexual assault in Spain. The accusation upset his wife and sent shockwaves through the football world.

If Alves is found guilty, the case will destroy the already tarnished reputation of one of the world’s most popular footballers.


The Brazilian star, who denies having committed the crime, has spent days before him in a prison near Barcelona. He will spend weeks and even months in prison before a trial is scheduled.

Alves, 39, was arrested by Spanish police on Friday after days of a preliminary investigation into a woman’s allegations that he was sexually assaulted by a player at a nightclub in Barcelona last month.

After hearing the testimony of Alves, his accuser, and witnesses, the judge agreed with the state prosecutor. Therefore, it was decided that the athlete must remain in prison without the right to bail.

Xavi, the Barcelona coach who played with Alves for seven championship-filled seasons, said he was surprised and saddened.

“It’s hard to comment in these circumstances,” Xavi admitted at a press conference ahead of Barcelona’s next match on Saturday. We can’t go in. I know him and I feel so sorry for him.

Under the new Sexual Consent Act passed last year, sexual assault can range from online abuse to molestation and rape. The worst case of violent rape carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for her.

Neither the police nor the courts have released details of Alves’ case, and the Spanish press has published testimonies ranging from groping women to raping them in nightclub bathrooms. .

Before he was arrested, Alves denied any wrongdoing. He admitted that he came to the club to dance, but he emphasized that he didn’t know the woman and claimed to always respect other people’s “personal space.”

Alves is married to Spanish model Joana Sanz and publicly defended him before his arrest.

Sanz expressed pain caused by the accusations that occurred shortly after his mother’s death. He requested that the media respect his privacy.

“My mom passed away a week ago and I’m just starting to think I can no longer be bothered by my husband’s situation,” she posted on Instagram. We lost one pillar.”

Alves’ contract, signed in July, was terminated by the Pumas club of Mexico on Friday after news of his arrest broke. He said the club could not continue to engage with a player who behaved in a detrimental way.

Until his arrest, Alves was synonymous with victory and an example of how athletes can remain elite at age 40.

In his youth, he was a speedy right-back with a powerful shot from long range, but having lost his speed, he changed over the years, showing off accurate passing and excelling in midfield.

He has won 42 titles, including 3 Champions Leagues with Barcelona and 2 Copa Americas with the Brazilian team. Last month, he made his third World Cup appearance for Brazil.


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