Arrested In a Mexican Soccer Battle And Rises To 14 Years Old

Mexico City (AP) — Tuesday afternoon, Queretaro Central State officials announced the arrest of four more people, increasing the number of people arrested for being involved in a battle between football fans to 14, three of whom were seriously injured. Was owed. ..

In addition, there are arrest warrants for 12 more suspects.


As the Queretaro Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement, one of the arrests was carried out with the help of a mother who introduced her son to the police.

Queretaro’s Attorney General, Alejandro Echeveria, previously reported early Tuesday that 10 people were arrested in an operation involving 200 police officers who had made more than 12 attacks in various parts of the capital. ..

Authorities issued a total of 26 arrest warrants for those suspected of being responsible for the violence unleashed at Koregidra Stadium on Saturday, but Echeveria told the TV Azteca network that it was “still identified.” There is a criminal to do. “

The prosecutor has designated that as part of the process, there was a thorough review of about 583 images, 78 videos, over 1,000 messages, and a phone call from an anonymous plaintiff.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, detainees have been accused of “participating in attempted murder crimes, violence at sporting events, and defending crimes.”

Guadalupe Murgia, Secretary of Queretaro State Government, reported that other investigations were being conducted in several cities to find what was requested and that investigations were ongoing.

Murgia announced on Sunday night that the state has suspended five civil servants because stadium guards were unable to contain the violence between visiting the local Queretaro club and Mexican league champion Atlas. did.

Among the suspended personnel are police and civilian safety personnel, in addition to the other three who had the ability to coordinate the case. The contract of a private company that shared the security of the stadium was also revoked.

On Tuesday, the owners of 18 top-flight clubs ruled out the most radical measures in response to the collective controversy. However, Queretaro will pay for the consequences of the collision at the stadium.

By order of the Disciplinary Actions Board, an agency that imposes sanctions on local football, he is required to play home games without spectators for one year, but fans are not allowed to participate in away games for three years.

Instead of abandonment, the owner gave the current leader of the club, who had rented a franchise from the actual owner, Holgelberthan Quisunza, the president and owner of the Tijuana Club, for five years in Mexico. Approved to impose sanctions on sports activities.

The Klausla tournament match was interrupted in the 62nd minute when fans entered the field to escape the fight between supporters at the north head of the city stadium, 218 kilometers north of the capital.

The battle between fans at the stands moved to the field and continued to attack each other with punches and kicks. Some beat themselves with chairs, sticks, and metal sticks.

Guards will open a gate that provides access to the field so that spectators, including women and children, can avoid the brawl.

Queretaro officials reported on Monday that 22 people had already been discharged from the state hospital. The other four remain hospitalized, three of whom are in serious condition.

They are videos distributed on social networks, three men who are inactive, naked and bloody near the stadium.


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