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Art, Projects And a Property With History: The Inheritance Left By Lucía Bosé

In addition to a spectacular property, Miguel Bosé’s mother also inherited an artistic legacy from his family.

After making it known earlier this week that, the Italian actress Lucía Bosé and also the mother of Miguel Bosé , died at 89 years of pneumonia. Now one of the great unknowns is what he inherited from his family and that is, it always affected art, to the extent of opening the Los Angeles Museum, although in the end that project did not have a happy ending.

Lucia was the majority shareholder of the company Lumi SL, which is administered by the interpreter of Bandit lover. This organization is dedicated to the rental of real estate, but it only has one property in its name.

It is a spectacular Somosaguas family house, with a concrete structure with large windows and surrounded by gardens, where, by the way, her children grew up and later, it became a house for Miguel


This property has its own recording studio, a chicken coop and a large space for the singer and his children: Telmo, Tadeo, Ivo and Diego , when they are visiting Madrid. Currently, the property is valued at approximately 6 million euros.

As for the artistic theme, the actress directed her work towards the plates for her Piatti exhibition, in the process of creation, Lucy He visited several cities such as Milan, Segovia and Cáceres. The work was made up of fifty bamboo and plastic plates, which were personalized using the collage technique.

This project had become an artistic medium, where he portrayed several celebrities such as: Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietriech, Frida Kahlo and even to his late granddaughter, Bimba Bosé .

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