Arturo Brizio: César Montes’ Goal Against Chivas Was Well Annulled

Editorial Half-time

City of / 16.03.2020 23:08:00

Antonio Mohamed exploited against the referee Diego Montaño in the match against Chivas when he considered that he unfairly invalidated the goal that would have given Rayados the victory 2-1; Given this, fans albiauzules have not stopped on social networks to complain about such decision of the whistle.


However, the head of the Referees Commission, Arturo Brizio, who has not hesitated to criticize his judges when they make mistakes in the matches, pointed out that Montaño decided well by canceling the target of César Montes.

On the free kick play, Miguel Layún charged before the center-back whistled, then Montes’s header came down scoring the gang’s second goal.

“It is mandatory to blow the whistle to resume the game when the players are required to be 9.15 (meters away).

“The referee of the match did not blow his whistle (so) although the procedure was confusing, the goal was correctly invalidated,” said Brizio.

The confusion was because Montaño made the sign that the goal was legitimate and then corrected when Chivas players claimed him.