Arturo Vidal Will Die Of Jealousy: María Teresa Matus And An Outfit That Made The Net Sigh

Although Maria Teresa Matus She is not very active with the publications on her Instagram account, every time she breaks something on her profile, it causes a stir. This happened in the last few hours when the Chilean influencer shared an attractive photo.

From Barcelona, ​​Spain, Arturo Vidal’s ex-fraudal She wore a short, natural-colored dress for the camera and collected around 57,000 hearts. “Now and then,” he wrote as a caption. “Great”, “Regia”, “Nice”, “Nice” were some of the compliments from internet users.


Although Maria Teresa Matus He is no longer in a relationship with the Inter player, they have three children together. They separated in 2019, but the bond was stable for the good of the children. After the split, Marité explained: “Leaving Munich was an issue because I didn’t want to, neither did the children. They all had their friends there. We decided to live in Barcelona so that the children would be close to their father. It is important that they are close to Arturo, but it was difficult to convince them. Everything is fine now, they are happy. “