As It Does? The Movements Of María León That Take You Out Of Orbit. My Mother!

María León is with the preparations for what will be a new success to reap throughout her career, but she amazed everyone with one of the novelties she shared lately.

It’s known that the acclaimed singer He dedicates a lot of time to the sport and his rigorous training gives him the best results, but now the Internet users focused on another of his great talents: the dance. Related News Next March 21 Leon will give a show in Mexico City and he did not have better idea that advance through social networks a part of his ambitious choreography.

With an enviable skill and exact steps to the rhythm of the music, the Mexican artist dazzled everyone and commented on the description of her Instagram post: “We started rehearsals!”


The video of a few seconds has accumulated so far more than ninety thousand views. “Hello! Hopefully one day I can dance with you ….”, “If that’s the rehearsal and when I’m on stage you will leave your life and heart,” were the average messages that Maria received.

The Metropólitan Theater is ready to receive the dancer with the “Unshakable Tour”. While resting from the exhaustive rehearsals, he also interacts with his fans through the popular TikTok application, where he does not go unnoticed.

There Maria Leon He joined the latest trend of young people and with fun films of short duration, took the best compliments. Although for a nothing innocent video, it was censored but promised the extended version. What a rebel!