As You Never Saw Her! Becky G Beats A New Record Of Likes On Instagram With These Postcards

As You Never Saw Her! Becky G Beats a New Record Of Likes On Instagram With These Postcards

Becky G has once again become the queen of likes on social networks, after sharing with her followers a series of postcards that left them with their mouths open.

Becky He continues to show us that not only can he captivate the public with his talent on stage, he also achieves it through the web by uploading some of his best photographs. Related News The truth is that the singer apart from having a gift for music, is It stands out because it is one of the most beautiful artists of the moment.

In addition, the “Mala Santa” performer has always been known for standing out among various singers for her unique style of dress. Let’s remember that long ago, the 22 year old star He revealed that if he had not succeeded in his career as a singer, he would have liked to be a fashion designer.


And the truth is that nobody has doubts that the native of California would have done very well designing clothes, because for proof we have one of the last photos she shared on her Instagram.

Although it was not Becky who created the dress she wears in the images, we know she has a very good taste when it comes to choosing the outfits she will use in events as special as “Lo Nuestro Award”. As his followers were fascinated with his garment, it was noted because in a matter of minutes, the photos he published, reaped about a million likes and hundreds of flattering comments.



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