Asked MLB To Remove Word Bullpen

“Change and improvement are not always the same, but improvement requires changing ‘Winston Churchill’.”

Since hearing baseball for the first time on the radio in the 1950s, Billy Velour, Felix Acosta Nunez, Max Reinoso, Fidencio Garris, Bro Stefani, Papi Pimentel, Ferro Ramirez, Buck Cannell and Derio Amado.・In the eternal voices of Leon, Cuchito Alvarez and others, with the wisdom of Pupo Cordero, Eliseo Cabrera, Rafael Rubi and others, the “bullpen” is when the pitcher warms up and pitches to the catcher. I could understand that it was a small area on one side of the field where we practiced.

But everything is changing in this world, prisoners are prisoners, prostitutes are sex workers, and anyone who cancels their job gets fired, so baseball can’t escape its limits and new stat lines There is Sabermetrics, an extensive glossary to determine.


Exploiting the fact that “no one is warming up in the bullpen,” the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has, in less-than-conciliatory terms, criticized Major League Baseball. However, it has requested that the term bullpen not be used as an identifier. Where they warm the pitcher, they say, “Because that’s an insult to animals. Bull is bull in English.” As Quinito Mendes would say, it’s crazy that we’re in gusts and ponytails because of the coronavirus. With the threat of a certain kind, this proposal simply crossed a ridiculous line by PETA members.

Remember, it was this same PETA that forced the Indians to be renamed Guardians. One day they will come up with the suggestion that they should run away from home in third place so as not to wake the chipmunk.

How strange that the country’s animal rights groups do not trendily suggest changing the symbol of the Peroteril Jungle.

THE 30-30: The Dominicans with a 30-30 lead in the major leagues this century, 30 homers and 30 stolen bases in a season are: Vladimir Guerrero, Sr., 2 in 2001, 34 home runs 37 stolen bases and 39-40 in 2002. 2004; Alfonso Soriano, four times, 39-41 in 2002, 38-35 in 2003, 36-30 in 2005, 46-41 in 2006. Hanley Ramirez went 33-35 in 2008 and Jose Ramirez went 39-34 in 2018.

days like today

1981: Houston’s Nolan Ryan passes Early Wynn to become the all-time leader in walks. He won 3-0 in the game against the Mets, gave up 2 runs, and made the total number of walks 1,777. Ryan also fanned 10 hitters while throwing a 5-hit ball.

1987: Dwight Gooden returns from drug rehab as the Mets defeat the Pirates 5-1 at Shea Stadium, winning 6 2/3 by 1 run.

1984: Dodgers’ Alejandro Pena hits nine strikeouts in Cincinnati, tying a career-high on July 1, 1983 against Houston.

1989: Ramon Martinez of the Dodgers defeats the Atlanta Braves 7-0 to achieve his first major league shutout.

1997: Seattle shortstop Alex Rodriguez becomes the second Mariner to hit for the cycle in a 14-6 victory over Detroit. Rodriguez worked hard with a three-pointer in the eighth and a double in the ninth. One lucky Mariners fan won $1 million for radio advertising of Rodriguez’s feat.

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