Assassin Hottie! The Beautiful Sister-in-law Of "El Chapo" Appears Be Careful!

Now the shocking news no longer includes only "El Chapo", because thanks to his wife Emma Coronel it was possible to glimpse that his sister, Claudia Coronel, apparently is a woman who presumes great beauty, but remains in the shadows.

The Mexican drug trafficker and criminal became an unexpected media star and as is often the case with these types of characters, his relatives also began to appear in headlines, and web surfers do their part, rummaging through all platforms.

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It was thanks to social networks that the existence of this sister-in-law was known, since the wife of the Mexican criminal shared an image with her mysterious sister on her Instagram.

The reaction of the hungry Internet users, who are pending the former drug trafficker, was immediate, and everyone wanted to see more of this enigmatic woman.

But finally everyone was left wanting, because although the account of the sister-in-law of "El Chapo" was active, it has now been eliminated.