Astros: Jim Crane, Owner Of Houston, Says There Is No Legal Liability For MLB Sign Theft

Jim Crane, owner of the Astros in Major League Baseball (MLB) says there is no legal responsibility for sign theft.

The Astros are trying to get the lawsuit of pitcher Mike Bolsinger, who accuses Houston of having ended his MLB career for his illegal electronic sign theft and cheating, to be dismissed or switched from the state of California to Texas.

And Crane, it is based on that there is no legal responsibility in the theft of signs, since the Great Leagues exonerated them.


The MLB explicitly exonerated me for sign theft, Crane said, and is therefore immune to lawsuits such as Bolsinger’s for the Astros’ actions.

Bolsinger and his attorneys are also seeking to dismiss Crane as owner of the Astros with their lawsuit.

But Crane mentioned that it had nothing to do with the Astros’ stealing of signs.



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