Astros Openers Shine With Hair Extensions

Astros Openers Shine With Hair Extensions

HOUSTON (AP) — Flamber Valdes and Luis Garcia have established themselves as fixtures in the Houston Astros’ rotation.


They both spend a great deal of time preparing for each opening at the stadium and barber shop.

Encouraged to express their personalities, both pitchers got hair extensions. showing off her gorgeous hair.

“A lot of people like to joke about this subject,” says Valdez. “But I am happy with my hair, I love it, and I will continue to do so.”

Garcia, who wore curly hair down to her shoulders, chose to add braids adorned with decorative pearls at the ends for summer.

“People noticed me more with my braids because it wasn’t my usual ‘look’.

The change was more dramatic for Valdez, who starts Game 2 of the American League Division Series against Seattle on Thursday.

The 28-year-old lefty added flowing, shoulder-length dreadlocks to his super-fine side-trimmed hair to grab attention at the first All-Star Game in July.

Having outrageous hairstyles is common in baseball. Outfielder Oscar His gamble wore a glitzy afro in his 1970s, most recently pitcher Noah His Syndergaard earned the nickname “Thor” for his huge blonde hair Did.

The mustache is also making a name for itself, like the iconic Rolly Fingers mustache.

Astros first baseman Yuri Gurriel has always had the weirdest hairstyle on the team.

It was a better reception than the few braids NBA star Jimmy Butler debuted this summer. Miami His Heat forward was the focus of several dreadlocks his extension jokes. He denied it was an extension on Media Day, but made it clear in an Instagram post that it was. They disappeared when he stepped onto the court for the Heat’s first preseason game.

Gurriel initially didn’t like Valdes’ extension. He played some pranks on him.

“It was hairy and looked pretty weird,” Gurriel said. “But now I like it. I think he looks pretty good. I like doing that too, so I like it when people change their style.”

Valdez had to take a few jokes from Gurriel and the others early on, but it wasn’t quite up to the level of provocation Butler had to endure.

Ignore comments from people who don’t like weird styles.

“My mom likes it,” said Garcia. “If she’s okay with her, so am I.”

However, they have to spend a lot of time getting their hair neatly styled.

Garcia revealed another detail.

When he got his extensions in June, he didn’t have any pearls. His teammates reacted bemused to hear the noise he made as he came out onto the pitch.

“It got a little noisy as I walked, and the boys wondered what was going on.


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