Astros Vs Nationals (8-1): Summary, Result And Annotations

Thank you for following us on the live AS broadcast. Tomorrow will be Game 5 between Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole.

Nine completed. Houston Astros are imposed 8-1 on Washington Nationals in Game 4 of the World Series to match the stage to two in the World Classic.

Trea Turner hit the shortstop to end the game in Washington.


Brian Dozier negotiates ticket.

Yan Gomes struck out. Astros one out of victory.

Víctor Robles flies out to left.

Yordan Alvarez hit high to the left to close the ninth low.

Jake Marisnick connects unstoppably to the left garden. Juan Soto takes Chirinos on the plate, during the shot Marisnick advances to the second.

Robinson Chirinos connects doublet to the left garden.

Carlos Correa is fouled out of Ryan Zimmerman's glove.

Ryan Zimmerman hit high to right.

Howie Kendrick struck out for the second out.

Brad Peacock gives passport to Juan Soto.

Anthony Rendon connects José Altuve with a shot that goes off target. Rendon arrives safely. They mark error for Altuve.

Adam Eaton is retired with a roll to the anteroom.

Yuli Gurriel hit high to the center garden to finish with the eighth high.

Alex Bregman connects unstoppably to the left garden.

Michael Brantley is dominated with a high to Victor Robles.

José Altuve hit the center garden for a steady hit.

George Springer struck out against the shipments of the new man on the hill, Javy Guerra.

Trea Turner bats rolled to first base to put the third out.

Asdrúbal Cabrera negotiates a ticket to Héctor Rondón and there are already two men at the bases for Nationals.

Asdrúbal Cabrera enters as an emerging hitter.

Yan Gomes's shot hits Michael Brantley's glove after speeding his trajectory.

Victor Robles connects unstoppably to the central garden.

Reliever Héctor Rondón dominates Ryan Zimmerman with a right fielder George Springer.

He fell the third out in the seventh high. Zimmerman, Robles and Gomes will come for Nationals.

Kyle Tucker arrives at the batting box for the second time in the episode, now in front of Wander Suero's shipments.

Jake Marisnick negotiates passport to Fernando Rodney. The bases for Houston are filled again in the seventh high.

Robinson Chirinos bats rolled to third base. Anthony Rendon takes Yuli Gurriel out of circulation.

Carlos Correa negotiates ticket to Fernando Rodney. There are two on base for Houston.

Yuli Gurriel negotiates ticket to the initial.

GRAND SLAM FOR HOUSTON! Alex Bregman connects four-run home run to add five RBIs in the game.

Unstoppable Michael Brantley fills the bases with an out for Houston. Alex Bregman will come to the batting box.

José Altuve flies out to right for the first out.

George Springer negotiates second passport to Tanner Rainey. Astros with runners in second and first.

Kyle Tucker receives the fourth bad ball and, without outs, he will take his place in the first pad.

Kyle Tucker appears as an emerging hitter in substitution of Will Harris.

Tanner Rainey enters the hill through Nationals.

Howie Kendrick hit and fan to strike out. They are six complete in Washington. Astros 4-1 Nationals.

Juan Soto produces the first for Nationals with a shot to the first pad.

Infield hit by Anthony Rendon. The bases for Juan Soto are filled.

Josh James gives Adam Eaton the base. AJ Hinch asks for a pitching change. Will come from bullpen Will Harris.

Trea Turner fan and strike out for the first out of the sixth low.

Gerardo Parra reaches the initial by negotiating a ticket to Josh James.

The Baby Shark arrived at the plate to measure himself before Josh James' throws.

Jake Marisnick fanned and left struck out.

Robinson Chirinos hit line to the center garden, but Victor Robles stayed with her by speeding his path in search of the ball.

Carlos Correa hit line to second base. Howie Kendrick stayed with her.

José Urquidy hangs the zero by five complete. Yan Gomes has been sent off to right.

Víctor Robles is dominated with elevation to the right garden.

José Urquidy takes the fourth strikeout from the game. Remove Mr National with the 95 mph straight.

Yuli Gurriel is struck out with Patrick Corbin's slider.

Alex Bregman hit line to shortstop Trea Turner for the second out of the inning.

Michael Brantley hit the center field and Victor Robles stays with her in a defensive poster action.

Howie Kendrick arrives at the warning strip for the third out. Four complete in Washington D.C. Astros 4-0 Nationals

José Urquidy puts speed on the straight and, at 96 mph, Juan Soto does not find the ball with the bat for the third Mexican chocolate.

Jackie Bradley turns off the line that Anthony Rendon set on fire.

José Altuve surprises with a touch of ball to pitcher Patrick Corbin, who for seconds beats Altuve in the race to get the ball to first.

George Springer bats shot at shortstop Trea Turner for the second out of the inning. Marisnick advances to the anteroom.

Jake Marisnick steals the second pad. Gomes's shot was accurate but on time.

José Urquidy is struck out with a touch of the ball.

Jake Marisnick connects his first unstoppable of the night.

Robinson Chirinos home run hit the left wing of the Nationals Park. Astros 4-0 Nationals.

Carlos Correa negotiates ticket and goes to first base.

Adam Eaton connects the line that Carlos Correa goes down when he is in the exact position to catch the ball that seemed to hit.

Patrick Corbin bats a touch of sacrifice to the pitcher and is out in the shot to the initial of José Urquidy. Gomes remains in the initial.

Yan Gomes connects double to left field.

Gurriel fan and strike out to end the third high.

Alex Bregman hit high to second baseman Howie Kendrick's glove.

Michael Brantley continues on and hits unstoppable again.

José Altuve hit line to third baseman, but Anthony Rendon was there to avoid the unstoppable and take the shot from the initial.

Víctor Robles fan and strike out for the second in Urquidy's account.

Ryan Zimmerman is dominated with a roll to the third pad.

Howie Kendrick fans and struck out in the first chocolate granted by José Urquidy.

George Springer is eliminated at the first pitch with a shot to the shortstop Trea Turner.

José Urquidy is retired with a roll to third base for the second out.

Jake Marisnick leaves with a shot to pitcher Patrick Corbin.

Alex Bregman stayed with the line of the Dominican Juan Soto. It was a complete one in Nationals Park. Astros 2-0 Nationals.

Anthony Rendon singles to left.

Adam Eaton fouled out to foul territory. Receiver Robinson Chirinos stayed with her to take the out.

Yuli Gurriel keeps Trea Turner's high to put the first out of the inning.

Anthony Rendon saves Patrick Corbin and takes the double play in the Robinson Chirinos shot to end the first high.

The house is filled for visitors. Patrick Corbin negotiates passport to Carlos Correa. Bregman in third, Gurriel in second, Correa in first. Robinson Chirinos is coming to the batter's box.

Anthony Rendon for Yuli Gurriel's line at third baseman but Michael Brantley scores on the play. Bregman to second, Gurriel to first. Astros 2-0 Nationals.

Alex Bregman wakes up in the World Series and connects an unstoppable producer who brings José Altuve to the plate. Astros 1-0 Nationals.

Michael Brantley connects unstoppably to the center garden. José Altuve to the intermediate, Brantley to the initial.

José Altuve connects unstoppably to the central garden to reach the first pad without problems.

The first in the order of Houston George Springer passes the slider and struck out to put the first out of the entrance.

PLAYBALL! Patrick Corbin makes the first pitch to the plate to kick off Game 4 of the World Series between Houston Astros and Washington Nationals.

The words of the Mexican about the most important opening of his career.

Mexico's José Urquidy will debut today as a World Series opener, being the third pitcher to open for a novena in the Fall Classic (Fernando Valenzuela and Jaime García). Patrick Corbin will be on the hill for the locals.

Anthony Rendon in the batter's box preparing the swing for tonight at Nationals Park.

Nats want to make his house strong again. Yesterday they couldn't, but today they know they can't afford to fall.

Good atmosphere is lived in the Nationals players! The players were having fun together with the legendary Pedro Martínez.

Wizards base John Wall sent Nationals good vibes for tonight's game.

Patrick Corbin will be the opener tonight for the Nationals. The lineup is made up of: Turner, Eaton, Rendón, Soto, Kendrick, Zimmerman, Robles and Yan Gómes. Surprise, but Asdrúbal Cabrera and Suzuki wait for their turn as emerging.

This is the Astros lineup for tonight's game in which José Urquidy is going to be the starter and therefore the ninth hitter. Springer, Altuve, Brantley, Bregman, Gurriel Correa, Chirinos and Marisnick.

Will the advice serve? Juan Soto practices while chatting with Alex Rodríguez and David Órtiz, prior to match 4 of the World Series.

Astros arrive entrusted to the Nationals Park to seek a victory that allows them to tie the Series.

A.J. Hinch and Gerrit Cole attend the media prior to game 4 of the World Series.

Welcome to the previous and minute-by-minute Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals, Game 4 of the MLB World Major League Series that will be played this Saturday October 26 from Nationals Park. José Urquidy will be the starter for Texans and Patrick Corbin for the capitals.



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