Astros Vs Nationals-MLB World Series 2019: Donald Trump Will Go To Game 5, But The Nationals Won't Let Him Throw The First Ball

Astros vs Nationals-MLB World Series 2019 The president has broken tradition since 1910

Donald Trump is rejected by the Nationals.

Washington receives the World Series after more than eighty years. A historical event that nobody wants to miss, not even the president, Donald Trump, who says he would like to be in Game 5 of the World Series.


Although it is part of the trad ition since 1910 that the president throws the first ball, either in the All-Star Game, in the Opening Game or in the World Series, this time it may not be so, as the Nationals cut off all hope Trump announcing Chef Jos Andrs as guest of honor.

The president of the United States had mentioned before the media his intention to attend Nationals Park during the delivery of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, however, he also indicated that he was not sure of throwing the first ball for all that it implies.

"I don't know. They have to dress me in heavy heavy armor. I look very heavy. I don't like that."



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