Astros Vs Yankees Live And Direct, Game 4, MLB: ALCS

Astros come out in order of the box. Reddick with the fly out that Gardner catches on the warning strip. It seems that the defenses have finally settled on the diamond.

Robinson Chirinos with the rola to short stops. Didi Gregorius stops the ball and the out comes on Route 63.

Fourth entry, high part. Carlos Correa hits the fly and when he was about to get ready, Brett Gardner snatches the unstoppable in the center garden.


Greinke is recomposing the way. Edwin Encarnación is struck out with a pitching that controversially sings as a strike the umpire.

Springer's HR shook Yankee Stadium. Gleyber Torres sends the ball to the right field and there Josh Reddick takes the second out.

Third entry, lower part. Aaron Hicks quickly exits the batter's box. The umpire sings the third strike.

Yordan Álvarez expects nothing and swings. Brett Gardner ends with the first third meeting in the central meadow.

Yuli Gurriel with the fly out to the right meadow. Astros respect Aaron Judge's arm and Brantley doesn't dare to go home.

Alex Bregman hits the ball and falls the first out. José Altuve is retired in the anteroom, but allows Brantley Bregman to place himself in the scoring position.

Michael Brantley continues with the hit party. Now it's an unstoppable and Astros leave men in the corners.

Masahiro Tanaka has lost the course of the duel. José Altuve with the unstoppable to keep the Astros offensive alive.

GEORGE SPRINGER WITH THE RETURNED! The patrolman hits the home run with a pair of men in circulation and Astros already win it.

Josh Reddick breaks Tanaka's no-hitter. The Astros patrol car with the single. The advantage is on the trails and the draw is in the scoring position.

Third entry, high part. Tanaka loses concentration and Robinson Chirinos gets embassized through the passport.

Greinke already has two strikeouts in his account. Aaron Judge throws him to the ball and he sings the third out to finish the second roll of action.

LeMahieu connects the ball, but Astros play their defense well. Gurriel travels to take the ball and sends Greinke to withdraw the Yankees player.

Didi Gregorius, who closes the order to the Yankees bat, hits Greinke unstoppably, the second allowed by the Astros serpentine.

Second entry, lower part. Gio Urshela delivers the first Yankees out. The Colombian antealist sends the ball to Correa's glove at short stops.

Tanaka withdraws Astros in order. Carlos Correa takes the dose of chocolate from Japan, who scores his first strikeout of the match.

Yordan Álvarez with the song that Gleyber Torres stops close to entering the right garden. Then send LeMahieu for out two.

Second entry, high part. Yuli Gurriel with the line to the central meadow. Aaron Hicks catches the ball without complications.

Greinke prevents the damage from being greater for Astros. Gary Sánchez eats the opener's cholatito and ends the first inning.

The bookmark opens. Aaron Judge arrives at the horse home. Greinke delivers the third passport of the inning; Brett Gardner with the towed.

The trails are congested. Greinke cannot put an end to the chapter and hands the ball base to Edwin Encarnación.

Double theft base. Judge and Hicks advance one base; Yankees now have a pair of men in scoring position.

Gleyber Torres is not patient and swings fast. Yuli Gurriel keeps the ball for out number two.

Aaron Hicks with the fly that goes unstoppable. It seemed that the contact would be dominated in the right meadow, but neither Correa nor Springer nor Reddick coordinated to get the out.

Aaron Judge with the forced out. The Yankees patrol car with the rola to the short stops. Carlos Correa was close to the double play, but he does not dominate the ball and has to settle for a shot at the intermediate to get LeMahieu.

First entry, lower part. Zack Greinke begins his work with his left foot. In four releases he gives the passport to DJ LeMahieu.

The Astros offense is over. Alex Bregman takes the ball straight to the glove of Didi Gregorius for the third out.

Tanaka cannot withdraw Astros in order. Michael Brantley works his turn and receives first base per game ball.

José Altuve with the long fly that went deep into the right garden. Aaron Judge runs through his sector perfectly and arrives at the appointment with White for the second out.

First entry, high part. PLAYBALL! George Springer is the first out of the duel. The Astros patrolman makes contact with the ball, but it is an out line to the short stops.

Astros will look victorious for the second time at Yankee Stadium during the ALCS.

Yankees warm up in the diamond to seek to match the ALCS to two meetings on each side.

This is the Astros line up for the fourth game of the series. Zack Greinke will be the Houston starter.

This was the arrival of Astros at Yankee Stadium for tonight's game in the Bronx.

Despite the rest day, Giancarlo Stanton does not appear in the Yankees lineup for tonight's game.

Welcome to the previous and minute-by-minute Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees, Game 4 of the American League Championship Series that will be played this Thursday, October 17 from Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx.



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