At Least 14 Dead Following Eruption Of Mount Semeru In Indonesia

A volcanic eruption in Indonesia has killed at least 14 people and more than 7 missing. A storm and heavy rainfall may have caused the mud flow that washed away the lava dome and triggered the eruption. The volcano’s mud flows have buried houses, submerged cars, and stranded people. The government has established evacuation points for more than 1,300 people in 11 villages. Authorities say there’s a high risk of further explosions due to the volcanic ash.

Damaged houses covered by volcanic ash spewed out of Mount Semeru in Sumber Wuluh Village. [Umarul Faruq/Antara Foto via Reuters]
Heavy rains have temporarily halted search efforts. The mud from the volcano’s crater may fall onto the streets, causing hot ash to tumble down from the mountain. The torrent of mud has also destroyed the main bridge connecting the towns of Lumajang and Malang. The lava dome has collapsed, releasing trapped gas and debris and preventing rescuers from locating survivors. The eruption lowered the pressure beneath its lava dome, but there is a risk that it could collapse. A series of thunderstorms and days of rain have eroded the lava dome on Mount Semeru and made the area even more hazardous.

Trucks covered by volcanic ash which is spewed out of Mount Semeru in Sumber Wuluh Village [Zabur Karuru/Antara Foto via Reuters]
The eruption of Mount Semeru has killed at least 14 people. At least 98 people have been hospitalized. Nearly a thousand have been evacuated, including over one thousand people. The volcano’s last eruption was in January, when no fatalities were reported. In recent days, it has been erupting again, with the same fatal result. A thick column of ash and a searing gas.



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