At Least 277 Injured By Gunpowder In Colombia So Far This December

Bogotá, Dec 22 (EFE) .- At least 277 people have been injured by pyrotechnic gunpowder in Colombia so far this December, of which 103 are minors and the remaining 174 are adults, the National Institute of Health (INS).

In a bulletin, cut at 6.00 local time (11.00 GMT) today, the agency explained that the number of burns represents a reduction of 10% compared to the 308 people who were injured with gunpowder in the same period of 2018.

INS information added that 62 adults were injured under the influence of alcohol, an increase of 36% over the 45 cases of 2018.


The causative activity in 68% of cases was manipulation, while 22% of people were injured by observers, 2% by transporting gunpowder and 1% by storing it.

93% of the injured suffered burns, 69% lacerations, 30% bruises, 8% amputations, 8% eye damage and 4% compromised their hearing system.

The departments with the most reported cases are Valle del Cauca with 38, Antioquia (32), Tolima (24), Cauca (21), Caldas (18) and Bolívar (12).

In Bogotá, so far there have been 25 burns, an increase of 16 cases compared to the same period last year, while in other cities such as Barranquilla 11 have been reported injured by gunpowder, a decrease of five people compared to 16 of 2018.

Between December 1 and 31 of last year the number of burned with gunpowder was 525, representing a decrease of 28.2% compared to the figure recorded in the same period of 2017.

That figure was lower than the 731 cases that occurred in 2017. Of those injured in December last year 201 were minors.

60.8% of accidents occurred due to gunpowder handling, while 25.1% were due to observation. EFE