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At Least 5 Dead From Storms In The Southern United States

Tornadoes and other storms that hit the southern United States, killed at least five people, destroyed homes and toppled trees and power lines.

The storms reached western Georgia on Friday morning. Forecasters said a large tornado passed through Newman and surrounding communities in the greater Atlanta area.

A day earlier, a sheriff in eastern Alabama said a tornado cut across his county, mostly through rural areas.

“Five people lost their lives and for those families it will never be the same again,” Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said in a statement to reporters Thursday night.

One of the victims in the Ohatchee, Alabama area was Dwight Jennings’ neighbor. Jennings spent several hours searching for his friend’s dog before the animal was found alive, he said. The two men planned to go fishing for the weekend, Jennings lamented.

As many as eight tornadoes could have struck Alabama on Thursday, said John De Block of the National Weather Service in Birmingham. The tornadoes stemmed from a “super cell” of storms that later advanced into Georgia, he said.

Reports of tornado damage in the Newman area began arriving shortly after midnight. Trees and power lines were felled, causing a blackout.

Police in Newman asked people in a Facebook message not to use the roads while emergency authorities reviewed the damage.

Bad weather swept across the American South, creating fears of thunderstorms and flooding in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and the Carolinas.

In Ohio, more than 100,000 people were without power Friday morning after thunderstorms hit parts of the state with winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph).

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