At Least Four Dead Leave a Prison Riot In Venezuela

Caracas, Dec 31 (EFE) .- At least four dead people left a mutiny registered on Monday at a detention center in the state of Zulia (west, bordering Colombia), according to information released Tuesday by the NGO Observatory Venezuelan Prisons (OVP) and A Window to Freedom (UVL).

"Four dead left the explosion of several grenades in the Cabimas detent, Zulia state," OVP said in his Twitter account on Tuesday.

At the end of Monday afternoon, the OVP reported the riot at the Cabimas Arrest and Preventive Detention Center, located east of Zulia, and said that "allegedly" several grenades were detonated.


For its part, the NGO Una Ventana a la Libertad (UVL) indicated on its website on Tuesday that the situation was caused by 'a war with machine guns, grenades and fire between the pranes (ringleaders) of Hall B and Hall C' .

According to UVL, the death toll amounted to four people and another five were injured.

UVL linked this episode with another similar one that occurred on December 22 in this detention center, when there were 6 dead and one female annex inmate was injured after a dispute between the prisoners of the aforementioned pavilions.

Venezuelan authorities have not issued official information about what happened in the detention center.

On March 29, 2018, one of the most serious riots in Venezuela was recorded in the last quarter of the century. It was a confrontation in the detention center of the Carabobo State Police (north), where 68 people lost their lives in a subsequent fire.

Nearly a dozen prison brawls have left dozens of deaths in the Caribbean country in the last decade, when their worst economic crisis began.

In recent years, the OVP has denounced the overcrowding of the detention centers in Venezuela, both in prisons and in state and municipal dungeons, a situation that in his opinion has degenerated into the increase in violence. EFE