Attorney General Of Peru Will Continue To Investigate Castillo

The new prosecutor of the Nation (general) of Peru, Patricia Benavides, confirmed this Friday that she will continue with the investigation against President Pedro Castillo for directing an alleged criminal network entrenched in the Executive, in which other characters linked to his management would be involved. fugitives from justice.

In a press conference, after being sworn in, the magistrate indicated that “she will follow the same line of investigation” that the Supreme Prosecutor Pablo Sánchez was developing in the investigations of the president for the alleged commission of the crimes of criminal organization, trafficking of influences and aggravated collusion.

“Regarding the investigation of President Castillo, we are going to follow the same line of investigation initiated by Dr. Pablo Sánchez, since the investigation is carried out according to due process, respecting due process and legal norms,” ​​he said.


In this case, Castillo was questioned two weeks ago by Sánchez based on the fiscal hypothesis that he is the leader of a criminal organization allegedly in charge of organizing the awarding of State works to businessmen who collaborated with his electoral campaign and of appointing officials related to this task.

Collaborators of the Prosecutor’s Office have indicated that former Minister Juan Silva, former Secretary General of the Presidency Bruno Pacheco and two nephews of the president are involved in this alleged criminal network, who remain fugitives from Justice.

Last Thursday, a supreme court rejected an appeal for “protection of rights” presented by Castillo’s lawyer to order the suspension of any investigation against the ruler, since his defense considers that he enjoys absolute immunity during his term.

In fact, the defense of the head of state announced that he will go to higher jurisdictions, such as the Constitutional Court, and even supranational, to appeal the judicial decision that gave free rein to the tax investigation and get those investigations annulled.

congressional investigation

From this case opened in the National Prosecutor’s Office, an investigation against the president emerged in the Congressional Oversight Commission, which yesterday approved a report that accuses him of leading this mafia that would act within the Ministry of Transport and Communications and that 18 other people would be integrated, including former ministers, former officials and businessmen.

According to the report of the parliamentary group, which also accuses the president of an alleged interference in the promotions of high-ranking officers of the Armed Forces, this criminal organization would have committed illicit acts from July 2021, when Castillo assumed the Presidency of Peru, until the end of this year.

In the event that this report is endorsed by the plenary session of Congress, it will be sent to the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations, to evaluate the possible infractions of the Constitution, and to the Public Ministry, to establish possible criminal responsibilities.

Supreme prosecutor Patricia Benavides Vargas was unanimously elected last week as the new prosecutor of the Nation to replace Sánchez, who had held the position on an interim basis since March 30 after the end of the three-year period that Zoraida Ávalos served. .

The new Peruvian attorney general has a master’s degree in Civil and Commercial Law and a doctorate in Law, awarded by the Alas Peruanas University, as well as a master’s degree in criminal law and constitutional guarantees by the University of Jaén.

As reported, he has a 27-year career in the Public Ministry, where he began as a deputy prosecutor until he became deputy supreme prosecutor, and worked in the fiscal districts of Huancavelica, Ica and Lima.

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