Audio Filtering Controversy Where Donald Trump Talks About The Effects Of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is an issue that continues to generate controversy and debate throughout the world. Its drivers ensure that the drug is mainly recreational and that its long-term harmful effects are much lower than those of tobacco or alcohol, while detractors accuse that it is an 'entry drug' to more harmful substances and that it is minimized Its most negative aspects.

Of course, US President Donald Trump has his opinion in this debate, and of course it is not based on research or science. The president returned to be a figure of controversy after an audio of 2018 was leaked where he assured that marijuana 'lowers the IQ': "It causes you problems in the C.I. It makes you lose points."

This after an advisor asked about the issue at a dinner, where Trump expressed concern about the damage of marijuana in the IQ. The president, of course, commits a confusion in his words: On the one hand, the IQ has been questioned as an accurate way to measure intelligence, and on the other, studies ensure that there is no evidence between the use of marijuana in adults and loss of intellect. There are discussions about the harmful effect of starting to consume grass in adolescence, which can cause long-term problems, but US state legislation states that you must be of legal age to acquire the drug legally.


On the other hand, Trump is ambivalent to the general discussion: "I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing," he says in the same audio. In turn, his son Donald Trump Jr. enters the discussion to offer a favorable perspective: "As far as I'm concerned, it's less harmful than alcohol. You don't see people beating their wives for being blown up with marijuana."



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