AUDIT – Deloitte Will Perform Forensic Audit Of The JCE Automated Voting System

Santo Domingo, RD.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE), signed on Thursday a contract for the provision of forensic audit services to the automated voting system with Deloitte & Touche.

The information was given by the electoral body itself, indicating that the contract of this agreement amounts to a value of $ 299,800.00, corresponding to fees and expenses of the contracted service.


This amount does not establish the taxes that the JCE must also pay. The JCE must pay 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% at the end of the project.

“According to the contract, the services that the company DELOITTE & TOUCHE S.A. must provide. they include evaluating and concluding on the controls of the automated voting system for the administration of the electoral roll; on physical security controls in the administration of equipment supply chain to voting centers; on the controls of the voter identification, authentication and authorization process; on the controls that maintain the integrity of the electronic voting polls; as well as the integrity of the closing process and reporting of results; and the security controls of the different components of the platform ”, they indicate in a press release.

The audit must be carried out in three months, although it may be extended for up to two equal periods, "however, the parties must agree through an Addendum the conditions, price and scope of this extension, that is, no automatic extensions apply."

Likewise, the Contract indicates that the supplier must deliver for each item evaluated a progress report on the review carried out during the execution of the project and a final report containing the evaluation of all the points mentioned above.

The Board informed that in order to supervise the correct execution of the contract and ensure full compliance with each and every one of the obligations of the parties, they were appointed as administrators of the Contract MIGUEL ÁNGEL GARCÍA, Information Technology Directorate of the JCE; and ANDRÉS CASAS, Leading Partner of the company DELOITTE & TOUCHE S.A., who will function as such throughout the term of this Agreement.

The Contract was signed by the President of the JCE, Judge Julio César Castaños Guzmán; and Andrés Casas, Leading Partner of the company DELOITTE & TOUCHE S.A., accompanied by Miguel Ángel García, National Director of Information Technology of the JCE.