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Categories: US News

Authorities Are Investigating The Causes Of a Mall Explosion In Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia – Authorities are investigating the causes of an explosion that set off a fire at a shopping center in Harrisonburg, Virginia, on Saturday morning, injuring several people.

Three people were hospitalized as a result of the incident reported around 8:30 a.m., the Daily News-Record newspaper reported. Other injured were treated at the scene.

The city’s mayor’s office spokesman Mike Parks told the newspaper that rescue teams conducted a search through the rubble and there were no more victims. However, he added that a second search was being conducted on Saturday night to make sure.

Governor Ralph Northam tweeted that state emergency personnel have been deployed to the area after what he called a “gas explosion,” but Harrisonburg Fire Department Chief Matt Tobia told reporters that the attacks are still being investigated. causes of the incident.

Tobia claimed that when crews arrived, the injured had left the mall. Subsequently, the fire was controlled.


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